Benefits of Google Adwords

Who does not know about Google Adwords? If you don’t, then note it down that it’s a Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid advertising on Google that allows you to boost your sales while working with the world’s leading search engine.
Google AdWords works in a simple and straightforward way as described below:
1-Potential users search keywords related to their target product
2-If your chosen keywords match with what people are searching for, Google will advertise your paid ad in its Organic search results
3-Customers/visitors click your ad, visit your website and 70% of them end up buying your products

Marketing your business in 2015 is not an easy task. With diverse traffic and increased competition in online world, it is quite hard for a business to manage and utilize their advertising campaigns. Luckily, Google AdWords makes it easy for you to market your business online. In this blog post I have listed down 5 potential and amazing benefits of using Google AdWords to market your business. Check them out now:

1-Measure your success rate:

What makes Google AdWords a perfect PPC platform is that everything is measurable. You can measure the success rate of your online marketing campaign by looking at the exact conversion rate. You can always check number of impressions, number of clicks, (CTR) click through rate, conversion rate, exact number of conversions, cost per click and CPA (cost per question rate). If you are working with a fully dedicated team that keeps on optimizing your ads on a daily basis, then you can expect amazing results from this pay per click advertising service.

2-Increased Relevance:

Google is famous for its mysterious ways of ranking sites and presenting ads. With a complex algorithm, it often becomes quite difficult for us to explain how actually Google ranks keywords and ads on basis of relevance. Ad marketing is all about bidding over different keywords and claiming the clicks whenever a query is entered into Google search bar. We have seen companies with huge marketing and PPC budget not getting the desired results while their competitors were enjoying more conversions in low budget. The reason for that is Google does not only focus on who is bidding higher on a keyword but it also takes into account the relevance of ad. Moreover, Google takes other factors into account like click through rate of your campaign and conversion rate. If your click through rate is higher than your competitor with a high bid then chances are that your ad will be clicked by the user. Similarly if the quality of your landing page or website content or products is better than your competitors then too you will get the pleasure of being clicked.

3-Cheap & effective:

Google AdWords is amazing when it comes to setting your budget on daily basis. It is extremely cost effective and it offers you with unlimited budget solutions. With Google ADWords, it is entirely up to you to decide how much you want to spend on daily basis. You can set your budget from $10 to $5000 per day (whatever suits your business). One best thing is that you pay only when you get a click (pay per click). And while working with a professional team of skilled optimizing experts, you can expect a certain decline in costs of per click over time.

4-Right Time-Right People-Right Place

Google AdWords campaigns are fully targeted which means you are going to appear in potential searches in your target location. Google AdWords offers you sophisticated ways to control and operate your online marketing campaigns while targeting the right audience and location.

-Location targeted:

With Google AdWords, you can choose the physical location where you want your ad to be displayed. It is often called as local search where you target the areas of operation for your company. You can also target a particular city, country, the whole world or merely a town. Google AdWords also allows you to set your target location as a place name so that users looking for particular services in that particular area may also come across your ad.

-Mobile Targeted campaigns:

Enhanced pay per click campaigns make sure that you are targeting the most emerging mobile traffic niche. In 2014, more than 50% of online traffic came from mobile devices and 2015 is fully going to be a mobile year. In such a scenario, targeting mobile device users becomes easy when you are working with AdWords. It’s enhanced marketing options allow you to target the ever increasing mobile traffic and display your ads to more potential users.

-Time & Language targeted marketing:

AdWords allows you to target users in a particular time period as well as in 40 different languages. It means with AdWords, you have endless possibilities to reach your success zone.

5-Start-Stop-Evaluate and keep going:

Google AdWords offers you an easy and simple to manage platform where you can easily look into what is going on with your marketing campaign. You can pause your marketing campaigns any time and start them again whenever you want to. It also allows you to evaluate your marketing campaigns by measuring the performance of target keywords and location. In other words, we can say that Google AdWords is all about possibilities.

What you say?

I know there are lots of other benefits of using AdWords, but I rated these 5 higher than all others. If you have got something to share about AdWords then do it right now in comments.